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Around Europe through Jumping Photos

August 4, 2011
Stonehenge Jump


For most of  my travels in Europe, I’ve tried to do a bit of a novelty (well, it was sort of a novelty then) by doing jump shot photos. We had loads of fun doing it and often people would stare at us and laugh at our every attempt. It takes a lot of jumps to take a good one, often times it will take several shots before you get a shot where everyone is off the ground.  It’s somewhat of a science with a camera that I’m proud I had mastered. Even my mom has been proud of my jumping shots, telling her friends that I started the jumping photo craze.

I’ve taken jump shots from 13 out of 14 countries I got to see in Europe. I’ve only missed taking one when I was in Slovakia because I lost my camera the day before I went there.

I’ve taken jumping photos seriously that I’ve even won Don’t Ever Look Back’s jumping photo contest.

Here’s a good round-up of some of the photos I’ve amassed during my travels.


Brussels, Belgium - Jumping shot

Brussels, Belgium: Took me and my friend Rasha more than 40 photos to take a perfect jump shot while on a visit at the Atomium in Brussels.

Paris, France - Jumping Shot

Paris, France: Wow, this was one of my big dreams! To jump next to Eiffel Tower – definitely one of my most iconic and my personal favourite.

Amsterdam, Netherlands - Jumping Shot

Amsterdam, the Netherlands; In front of the Iamsterdam sign – this photo won me that jumping photo contest. 🙂

Koln, Germany - Jumping Shot

Köln, Germany:We tried doing a Bruce Lee kung fu shot in front of the famous Köln cathedral, it wasn’t the best one though.

Prague, Czech Republic - Jumping shot

Prague, Czech Republic: We were a big group when we went there for New Year’s Eve back in 2008. And doing a jump shot with a huge group of people is an ordeal. We tried several times across different places to get a good one, and we got stuck on getting the good shot at our hostel the day we were leaving the city.

Vienna, Austria - Jumping Shot

Vienna, Austria: In front of Schonbrunn Castle, Vienna. I heard this place is beautiful during summer, but we went there in February so it wasn’t that good.
Madrid, Spain - Jumping shot

Madrid, Spain: While waiting for the bullfight to start, I decided to do some crazy leaps with my friend’s scarf as bullfighter flag – good thing it wasn’t red.
Stonehenge, UK - Jumping shot

Stonehenge, United Kingdom: Despite the crowds, we manage to steal a few jump shots in front of Stonehenge.

Luxembourg Jumping Shot

Luxembourg, Luxembourg: By this time, we were so used to taking these photos that we were taking some organised jump shot to kick in some novelty. Here we are at a park in Luxembourg city.

Krakow, Poland - Jumping shot

Krakow, Poland: This was taken at the square in Krakow, Poland – one of my favourite places in Europe.

Rome, Italy - Jumping shot

Rome, Italy: I had some of hostel mates take this photo, it’s not one of my best, but a jumping shot to say the least.

Vatican City - Jumping shot

Vatican City, Vatican: Hope the Pope wasn’t looking at me when I was jumping up and down St. Paul’s Cathedral just to get this photo up
Budapest, Hungary - jumping shot
Budapest, Hungary: This one is taken at Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest, Hungary.


What crazy photos have you taken on your trips? Have you taken some great jump shots? share the links below!

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  • Reply Serena Star Leonard August 6, 2013 at 17:56

    Ah my secret shame!! I have a few of my own although in different posts!

    One here:

    And one here:

    It made a big difference once we realised you can take a few shots at once on autotimer!
    Serena Star Leonard recently posted..Travel Gear: Which of our new Travel Accessories lasted 5 months?My Profile

  • Reply Raghav December 2, 2011 at 09:25

    Great post ! Loved it.
    Raghav recently posted..Top 10 Tips – First Time on a CruiseMy Profile

  • Reply Kieu September 18, 2011 at 01:59

    Looks like we have something in common! 😀

    Love your jumping pictures and I have no doubt you’ll reach your goal of 25 countries before 25!! Can’t wait to see where you go next.
    Kieu recently posted..kickin’ it in mykonosMy Profile

  • Reply walkflypinoy August 14, 2011 at 17:34

    great set you got here! inspired me to do some crazy antics in the places i’ll be visiting from now on. hmmmm.
    walkflypinoy recently posted..What If Your Worst Travel Fears Were Realized?My Profile

  • Reply Aleja August 5, 2011 at 16:04

    LOVE IT! 🙂
    Aleja recently posted..Welcome to my space!My Profile

  • Reply Neil August 4, 2011 at 15:53

    You got some serious air in that Amsterdam photo! Illegal use of springs maybe?

    Been to Portugal? I’ve seen a lot of eastern europe, but need to start working on the classics like Paris and Brussels.
    Neil recently posted..Ben and Jerry’s Festival, Clapham CommonMy Profile

    • Reply Jerick August 4, 2011 at 18:13

      All natural, mate! Those are real leg action (with the help of the ledge actually).

      Never been to Portugal, I was supposed to be there in ’09 but had to cancel last minute. But it’s on my list! And will definitely hit more Eastern Europe soon (Romania, Bulgaria, Slavic countries)
      Jerick recently posted..Around Europe through Jumping PhotosMy Profile

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