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Travel Blogger Feature: Cole and Adela – Four Jandals

February 13, 2012
Cole and Adela - Top of Marmot Basin Ski Area

This week, our travel blogger newcomer interview is with Cole & Adela of Four Jandals. They are a Kiwi adventure couple currently settled in Scotland. Their travels have brought them around the US, Canada and the Pacific islands. They are one of my good buds online and I’m happy to have them on this section.

Here’s my short interview with Cole and Adela of Four Jandals. 

Cole and Adela, Top of Marmot Basin Ski Area

Name Adela May and Cole Burmester
Where are you from? New Zealand
Twitter Page:!/fourjandals
Facebook Fan Page:

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

We are a Kiwi Couple who love adventure travel and our Jandals (Flip Flops). We have been travelling and working around this tiny little planet of ours for over 2 years and have plans for a few more years yet. We first started our OE (Overseas experience) in Canada working in the middle of the Canadian Rockies for a year before moving to the UK. We are currently working as a Recruitment consultant and Wind Farm Planner in Edinburgh and trying to see as much of Europe as we can.

Why did you decide to start a travel blog?

We did an epic road trip across Canada and USA over 8 weeks in a converted Dodge van with a bed in the back. We drove 18,000km and saw some life changing sights. Initially we just wanted some way to ensure that we would never forget the great experience we had so we kept a diary whilst driving. Once we arrived in the UK, Cole thought having a blog would ensure we could keep the memories forever. It was also a way to keep family and friends updated on our travels. Cole realised how much he enjoyed blogging and we have been lucky enough to capture the interest of a few people and now we dream of doing this full time. We are hooked!

What’s the most challenging part of being a travel blogger?

Adela: Getting Cole off the computer haha. We actually just brought a new computer so we can both work at the same time, as it takes so much time to actually keep up a decent blog. Every article requires so much effort and then you want to ensure you are spending enough time interacting with your followers and other travel bloggers through our Social Media channels.

Cole: Definitely the time involved. We try to post a minimum of 3 articles a week and barely have time to do that. It is really hard when travelling to sit down after a long day touring a city or mountain biking to come back and write it up. Wish we could make it into a fulltime job.

Can you tell us about your first travel experience?

Adela: This is not the first time I travelled but i would class it as my first ‘travel experience’. When I was 15 I went to Hong Kong with my family and it was such an eye opening experience. Everything was so different to home. The sights, sounds, smells, language and I absolutely loved it! That trip made me realise how diverse the world is and it made me want to explore as many different countries and cultures as possible. Safe to say this is where I caught the travel bug.

Cole: Being from New Zealand meant that we often just travelled as a family to Australia or the Pacific Islands. While family holidays are fun, most of the time you seem to spend time in the kids club etc. So my first “travel experience” was similar to Adela but I went to Indonesia. The culture shock opened my eyes to a world outside New Zealand. Have loved travelling ever since.

Cole and Adela Rafting in Jasper National Park

What’s your favourite destination and why?

Apart from New Zealand we both agree on the Canadian Rockies. The views are amazing, as are the lakes. You can bike for an hour and feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. I love climbing up a mountain and feeling like I am so small compared to the wilderness around me. It always made me feel calm and free. Also the wild life there is something else!

 If you can travel with a real or fictional character, who will you travel with and why?

Adela: Bear Grylls. Because you would have some awesome adventures and if you ever got caught in a pickle he would be the best person to be with! Plus I am currently reading his account of climbing Everest, “Facing up”, which is a great read.

Cole: Any comedian who could turn any problem into a joke. Laughter really is the best medicine at turning a bad situation into a manageable one.

What’s your favourite travel quote (from a book, film, TV show etc)?

Adela: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

Cole: A little inappropriate and not strictly a travel quote but it is searching which I relate to travel. “Surfing is like a pair of tits, you are always searching for the perfect set.” –  Anonymous

If you have one flight ticket to go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where will you go?

Adela: Keeping the time of year in mind, I would probably jump on a plane to Vietnam to cycle the Mekong Delta River. I have always dreamed of cycling through a country and it seems like an awesome way to see the land and reach some destinations modern transport cannot.

What is the strangest thing you have eaten, drank or experienced on your travels?

Adela: Snails in Paris – cliché I know. But still!!!

Cole: Not a meal or a drink but an experience. We were parked at a truck stop in Las Vegas when driving across USA and a crazy guy on some sort of drugs kept banging on the car and singing. Pretty damn scary and had to drive off in the middle of the night.

Advice to fellow newbie travel bloggers.

Just write consistently for yourself and the success will come. It is more important that you are happy with what you are writing than anyone else.


“Four Jandals is a travel blog that focuses largely on our adventure travel activities and gives other travellers the opportunity to obtain travel tips tips. It provides an insight into our feelings and individual experiences as we make our way around the world in our trusty jandals (flip flops).”


All photos in this post are Adela and Cole’s property but are hosted on this blog’s flickr count. All rights remain with Adela & Cole.

Do you want to be interviewed on our next session of Talk with a Travel Newcomer? The only requirement of course is that you have to be a newbie travel blogger.  Contact me  if you’d like to be featured!

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