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Travel Blogger Feature: Will of My Spanish Adventure

March 29, 2012

My next interviewee is Will Peach of My Spanish Adventure.

Guys, this dude has great comedic flair and a talent for interesting banter over at twitter kingdom.  A definite must follow on twitter. And any great fan of Jack Kerouac deserves a space on this interview! You can follow his expat stories over at My Spanish Adventure and Travel Sex Life.

Here’s my short interview with Will Peach:

Will - My Spanish Adventure

Name: Will Peach
Where are you from? South England, but living in Spain
Twitter : willpeach

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Will, a 26-year-old British guy, living in Granada, Spain. Here I work as a travel editor for the gap year travel site Gapdaemon and for the digital travel magazine Vagabundo. I bloody love learning Spanish (despite not being all that good yet) and track my progress along with talking about what to see and do on my Spanish travel blog My Spanish Adventure. I love Spanish omelets. I don’t eat meat. And I’ve got a lot of time for basking in the Spanish sun like a cold-blooded reptile.

Why did you decide to start a travel blog?

Well I’ve been blogging on and off really for the last ten years. I started travel blogging when I left the UK to live and work in Vietnam about four years ago. Back then I was just getting to grips with WordPress and back into the swing of blogging – I was actually working in print at the time for a travel magazine based in Ho Chi Minh City!

When I came back to London I started working for Gap Daemon, running their travel blog and chatting with other travellers around the globe. I decided to start up my own late last year after hitting the road once again and coming out to Spain!

What’s the most challenging part of being a travel blogger?

Dealing with all the female attention. I get knickers thrown at me everywhere I go.

On a more serious note I’d say it probably has to do with consistency. Sometimes you’ll have a ton of good ideas on what to write about and then other days you’re left desperately searching for inspiration!

Will - My Spanish Adventure

And then there’s the problem of discipline as well as sticking it out in the early days when nobody reads or cares about you. Boo hoo.

Can you tell us about your first travel experience?

I was lucky to have many travel experiences growing up as my family took vacations around the world. My first real independent one however, and the one I feel is most significant, was my study year abroad in the USA.

As an English exchange student at the University of Miami you’d probably expect I got in all sorts of trouble with those gutsy American dames. Nothing could be further from the truth however as I was still very shy and very much bewildered by the whole experience.

In terms of seeing the world however that’s what got me out there and lead me to the path I’m on now. Seeing America and living the culture was a fantastic experience that I’ll always take with me. Beer pong or no beer pong.

What’s your favourite destination and why?

I really love Southeast Asia mainly because I had the greatest two years of my life there living in Vietnam and travelling around neighbouring countries. The best thing I love about the area is its mix of the modern and traditional as well as the buzz that fills the air making all those big cities appear as if they are thriving with opportunity.

Another thing I loved of course were the people, who were always friendly and respectful and helped me out with a crap-load of things. The weather and the beaches aren’t too shabby either!

If you can travel with a real or fictional character, who will you travel with and why?

Ha I’m going to get lambasted for coming out with such a cliché but it would have to be my hero Jack Kerouac, author of the book that changed my life On The Road.

I probably couldn’t keep up with him in the drinking and womanizing stakes, but to travel the world while he comes up with poetic ways of describing even the most mundane things I can’t imagine being too unpleasant.

What’s your favourite travel quote (from a book, film, TV show etc)?

Again I’d have to turn to Jack and a quote I remember standing out for me, moving the hairs on the back of my neck as I read it, for the first time, as a lost twenty-one-year-old.

“Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road if life”.

It’s kind of astonishing how Word will highlight this as being grammatically inaccurate given just how iconic a phrase it is. Soon after reading this the road became my life and now, five years later, I still don’t want to stand still.

If you have one flight ticket to go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where will you go?

Brazil without a doubt. Or failing that anywhere in South America. It fascinates me so much and I can’t wait to go there, experience the sights, the people and the smells and hopefully put my Spanish (or Portuguese as might be the case) into action.

Will - My Spanish Adventure

I’d love to hang out and see Boca Juniors play, have a go at dancing the Tango, see the Rio Carnival, hang out in coffee shops and chat with locals. That’s the dream.

What is the strangest thing you have eaten, drank or experienced on your travels?

Being a vegetarian I tend to play it safe. I haven’t chomped on insects or duck foetuses or anything like that – don’t think I could hold it down either. I’ve drank a fair bit of snake wine in my time though, that’s pretty disgusting.

I remember almost puking up trying a bit of Durian too. Us Westerners can’t handle the smell. Putting that putrid mess into my mouth left me feeling like a little girl as tears welled up in my eyes –that feeling hits most days though you see.

Advice to fellow newbie travel bloggers

Great question and I’d say talk with as many travel bloggers as you can. Get really social, jump on Facebook, Twitter and other peoples blogs and help share their stuff. This karma will always come back to you in some way or another.

My Spanish adventure

“My Spanish blog is all about my life running around the country, learning the language and living cheaply. Gap Daemon is a brilliant resource for planning gap year travel and is full of handy guides and community advice. TravelSexLife is all about the naughtier side of travelling and talks openly about sex abroad. Vagabundo Magazine puts the spotlight on travellers all over the world and asks them to submit their work for inclusion in a quarterly digital magazine. I want to start more!”

All photos in this post are Will’s property but are hosted on this blog’s flickr count. All rights remain with Will!

Do you want to be interviewed on our next session of Talk with a Travel Newcomer? The only requirement of course is that you have to be a newbie travel blogger. Contact me if you’d like to be featured!

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  • Reply Will Peach July 11, 2012 at 07:21

    Cheers Jerick, was great chatting with you mate!
    Will Peach recently posted..My Spanish Lovers: Discovering Mexico with Sarah from Loose GringaMy Profile

  • Reply Tom @ Active Backpacket June 13, 2012 at 12:22

    Good piece Will, and nice feature Jerrick 🙂

    Hope you are doing well in Belgium there mate!
    Tom @ Active Backpacket recently posted..Montmartre in Paris: A Visual Travel GuideMy Profile

  • Reply Agel April 2, 2012 at 14:07

    At first thanks for such an inspiring interview.Mr. Peach keep up the spirit.I liked your style.In south Asia you have also Laos,Cambodia.Which are pieces of beauty too.I hope in future we will read your blog from those. “My witness is the empty sky.”-Jack Kerouac

    • Reply Jerick April 21, 2012 at 01:49

      Indeed, Cambodia is one of my favourite countries to go! Thanks for visiting. 🙂

  • Reply Isthiak Ahsan April 1, 2012 at 07:54

    What a great life this guy is spending!Mr. Will Peach hats off to you.He started with America then Vietnam now Spain.His aspiration is a dream for any newbie travel blogger.Guys like you help us to dream.I wish one day I could get myself in that position & taste more different drinks or food(but not snake wine!never).

    • Reply Jerick April 21, 2012 at 01:50

      Yes, just take the first step and travel mate! and the magic begins from there 😉

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