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25-country challenge: Why that travel goal?

March 30, 2011
Goal Setting - 25travels

Welcome to 25travels!

Kicking things off! I’m doing my first blog entry – about how I got the name. 25travels  is about a goal to travel to 25 countries before I turn 25 years old.

Goal Setting - 25travelsPhoto from Flckr (angietorres)

I still have a year to do that – and having travelled to 19 countries in the past 23.5 years have made it relatively “easier” to achieve. But, I currently have a full-time job and am still waiting for the decision as to where I’ll be in the next year – uncertainty on its finest – so that makes this goal tougher.

But in the meantime, I decided to give my current travel goal a go. So , 25 travels is born. And defining a travel goal is an important portion that travellers should consider. And for me, here are some reasons why I decided to:

  1. Keeps me motivated
    I am motivated  by the fact that I like to travel – but having a timeframe makes it more challenging and the motivation is quite high for me to achieve this goal.
  2. Gives perspective
    It’s easier to keep travelling when  reality sinks in. Having this goal, I get to set-up what to do given this timeframe, and how I’ll use it wisely. You also get to look at an estimated budget and of course it gives you much time to prepare. I want to backpack across India, Australia and New Zealand but I don’t think that’s happening before I turn 25.
  3. Satisfaction after completing a goal
    Nothing is more satisfying than being able to complete a goal. So when I blow my 25th birthday candle, I should be also celebrating having travelled to 25 countries!
  4. I like numbers
    I like numbers as much as enjoy doing math (well, sort of). You’ll probably see more of my love for numbers in this blog – but the ability to be able to follow a numbered list is a thing for me.

You’ll see the progress of this goal in the posts in the next coming days… for now, it’s game on!

What are your travel goals? How do you keep up with your goals? Share them below!

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  • Reply Tash February 5, 2012 at 11:58

    My travel mates and I play this numbers game, usually after a day doing or seeing something new, and after many many beers! The debate rages, good-heartedly, about what does and doesn’t count as a country visited.
    We are really just taking the piss, and stirring up our own competitive juices over beer, cos we all acknowledge it’s not the numbers, but the experience. But it certainly fuels the travel bug even more.
    Good luck clocking 25!
    Tash recently posted..FeistMy Profile

  • Reply Nel June 30, 2011 at 23:39

    Love this concept! … 30 countries by 30 after this? Keep up the good work.

    • Reply Jerick July 2, 2011 at 00:40

      Hahahaha, that’s an option – but I’m thinking more on an RTW trip before 30. 🙂

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